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March 2022
NOTA BENE, Latin for "note well." Each month N.B. will feature ethics, professionalism and board developments.

Recent Rules and Decisions

IN RE LANE NORWOOD BENNETT (Baton Rouge), 2021-B-1198 (3/25/22): The Court suspended the respondent for three years for engaging in dishonest conduct and conduct constituting a conflict of interest, in violation of Rules 1.7(a), 1.8(a), 8.4(a), 8.4(b), and 8.4(c) of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

IN RE TIMOTHY DAVID RAY (New Orleans), 2021-B-1439 (3/25/22): The Court suspended the respondent for one year and one day for misusing public funds under his control and making false statements to a judge.

IN RE JOSEPH B. MORTON III (New Orleans), 2022-B-0029 (3/15/22): The Court suspended the respondent for six months, fully deferred, for billing his clients for depositions he did not attend and billing travel and mileage expenses for depositions he took by telephone. The Court found the misconduct to be negligent.

Consent Discipline:

IN RE JOSEPH S. GIARDINA (Baton Rouge), 2022-B-0130 (3/15/22): The Court suspended the respondent for two years, fully deferred, for engaging in criminal conduct..

IN RE EDMOND H. KNOLL (Lafayette), 2022-B-0107 (3/15/22): The Court suspended the respondent for one year and one day, fully deferred, for engaging in criminal conduct.

Reciprocal Discipline:

IN RE ROBERT WIEGAND II (Denver, CO), 2022-B-0043 (3/15/22): The Court publicly reprimanded the respondent based upon an order of the Supreme Court of Colorado.

Permanent Retirement from the Practice of Law:

IN RE JOHN LYNN PONDER (Amite), 2022-OB-0218 (3/3/22).

Reinstatement/Readmission Matters:

IN RE WILLIAM FRANCIS HENDERSON (Alexandria), 2022-OB-0216 (3/15/22): Readmission granted.

IN RE MICHAEL P. ARATA (New Orleans), 2022-OB-0262 (3/22/22): Readmission granted.


When Does Unprofessional Behavior Violate the Rules of Professional Conduct?

Last month, Nota Bene looked at variations of a scenario involving an unprofessional dust-up among two lawyers in open court, at the courthouse, and at lawyers’ offices, all illustrating unprofessional behavior that violates the Rules of Professional Conduct. This month, we explore another type of conduct that may cross the line from unprofessional into the realm of a disciplinary offense.

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