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2016 LADB Snapshot

Sanctions Issued by the Board or Court: 13 Admonitions, 12 Public Reprimands, 40 Suspensions, 6 Disbarments, 2 Permanent Disbarments, 5 Permanent Resignations in Lieu of Discipline

We have assembled a series of info-graphics illustrating the various activities of the LADB and the Court in 2016.

1 This includes probation revocations, fully deferred suspensions, and suspensions that were retroactive to a previous year.
2 This includes disbarments that were retroactive to a previous year.

Recent Decisions From the Louisiana Supreme Court

IN RE O'DWYER (New Orleans), 2016-B-1848, (3/5/17)
The Court permanently disbarred the respondent for asserting frivolous actions, engaging in retaliatory conduct against other attorneys and parties, disobeying orders of a federal court, disrupting proceedings in federal court through unprofessional and racially offensive communications, and engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

IN RE HEBERT (New Orleans), 2016-B-2278, (3/3/17)
The Court permanently disbarred the respondent for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law while suspended and misrepresenting his identity to a court in order to conceal his ineligibility.

IN RE FAHRENHOLTZ (New Orleans), 2016-B-0261, (4/4/16)
The Court disbarred the respondent based upon his conviction of the crime of illegal possession of stolen things and his failure to cooperate with the ODC in its investigation.

IN RE WARNER (Gretna), 2017-B-0359, (4/7/17)
The Court revoked the probation of the respondent based upon his failure to comply with the conditions imposed by In re Warner, 14-1060 (La. 6/20/14), 140 So. 3d 1164, making the previously deferred one year and one day suspension executory.

Consent Discipline:

IN RE SANFORD (Baton Rouge), 2016-B-2102, (3/31/17)
The Court suspended the respondent for thirty days, fully deferred, for disrupting a court proceeding by using vulgarities in the courtroom.


IN RE THORNTON (Baton Rouge), 2017-B-0291, (3/31/17)
The Court reinstated Keith D. Thornton to the practice of law after he served suspensions imposed by In re Thornton, 04-0488 (La. 7/2/04), 876 So. 2d 781; and In re Thornton, 07-0204 (La. 6/15/07), 958 So. 2d 656.


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