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Celebrating Ms. Berkett (1914-2017)

In 2015, the LADB featured the life and legal career of Ms. Marian Mayer Berkett with an article and video interview. On June 5, 2017, Ms. Berkett passed away at the age of 104.

(See 2015 Feature)

Recent Decisions From the Louisiana Supreme Court

IN RE STACY LYNN MORRIS (New Orleans), 2017-B-0526, (5/19/17):  The Court suspended the respondent for three years, to run consecutively to her prior suspension, for failing to remit settlement funds to a third-party medical provider.

Deemed Admitted Matters (Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XIX, Section 11(E)(3)):

IN RE CANDACE P. HOWAY (Lake Charles), 2017-B-0452, (5/19/17):  The Court suspended the respondent for one year and one day for converting funds belonging to her former law firm.

IN RE TOBY JAMES AUCOIN (Baton Rouge), 2017-B-0451, (5/26/17):  The Court suspended the respondent for one year and one day for neglecting a client’s legal mater, failing to communicate with the client, and failing to return the unearned fee.

IN RE GRETA L. WILSON (New Orleans), 2017-B-0622, (6/5/17):  The Court disbarred the respondent for filing suit and enrolling as counsel in another suit for the purpose of obtaining funds, and then converting those funds to her own use, without having the authority to do so in either matter.

Consent Discipline:

IN RE PRESTON G. SUTHERLAND (New Orleans), 2017-B-0782, (6/16/17):  The Court suspended the respondent for one year and one day, fully deferred, based upon a conviction for DWI.

IN RE RICHARD COLLINS DALTON (Mandeville), 2017-B-0857, (6/16/17):  The Court suspended the respondent for six months, fully deferred, for commingling client funds with his personal funds.

Reciprocal Discipline:

IN RE KATHY MCCOY O'QUINN (Phoenix, AZ), 2017-B-0679, (6/16/17):  The Court disbarred the respondent based upon an order of the Supreme Court of Arizona.

Permanent Resignation in Lieu of Discipline:

IN RE GEORGE WILLIAM JARMAN (Baton Rouge), 2017-B-0693, (5/26/17).

IN RE KENNETH ROBIN BOWEN (New Orleans), 2017-B-0712, (6/5/17).


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