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June 2021
NOTA BENE, Latin for "note well." Each month N.B. will feature ethics, professionalism and board developments.

Annual Requirements

✓ LADB Assessment
✓ Trust Account Form
✓ LSBA Dues
✓ Registration Statement

Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA) members must pay their 2021-22 LSBA dues and Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board (LADB) assessment and file their Attorney Registration Statement and Louisiana Supreme Court Trust Account Disclosure and Overdraft Notification Authorization Form by July 1.

Make sure to include an office email address on the registration statement.  The Louisiana Supreme Court recently amended La. S. Ct. Rule XIX Sec. 8C to require the inclusion of an office email address on the registration statement for service of process.  See the order here.

File your Trust Account Registration at the LADB's website here.

File your LSBA Attorney Registration Statement and pay your LSBA Membership Dues and LADB Assessment at the LSBA's website here.

Stay Tuned . . .

Be sure to read up-coming Nota Bene editions for announcements about 2021 CLE offerings by the LADB!

Recent Rules and Decisions

Consent Discipline:

IN RE PEGGY INEZ GARRIS (New Iberia), 2021-B-00599 (6/8/21): The Court suspended the respondent for one year and one day, fully deferred, for mismanaging her trust account.

IN RE JAMES A. HATCH (Metairie), 2021-B-00581 (6/8/21): The Court publicly reprimanded the respondent for filing a petition for damages while he was ineligible to practice law.

Permanent Resignation in Lieu of Discipline:

IN RE PATRICK BRUCE SANDERS (New Orleans), 2021-OB-00633 (6/22/21).

IN RE FRANK E. BROWN, JR. (Shreveport), 2021-OB-00647 (6/22/21).

Reinstatement/Readmission Matters:

IN RE MICHAEL LANGDON CAVE (Baton Rouge), 2021-OB-00486 (6/8/21): Reinstatement granted.

Probation Revoked:

IN RE LENISE R. WILLIAMS (Atlanta, GA), 2021-B-00613 (6/22/21): The Court revoked the probation of the respondent, making executory the previously-deferred one year and one day suspension.

IN RE GEORGE A. FLOURNOY (Alexandria), 2021-B-00614 (6/22/21): The Court revoked the probation of the respondent, making executory the previously-deferred portion of his one-year suspension.


IN RE JAMES E. MOORE, JR. (Baton Rouge), 2020-B-01376 (6/22/21): Rehearing denied.


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