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The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board celebrates its 25th Anniversary with NOTA BENE, Latin for "note well." Each month N.B. will feature ethics, professionalism and board developments.

Insights from a Legal Pioneer

After practicing law in Louisiana for 75 years, it’s no wonder Marian Mayer Berkett has some meaningful insights about the profession, though she insists she rarely thinks about the topic of “professionalism.”

That, she says, should come naturally.

It did to Ms. Berkett, who is widely respected for her legendary legal practice in the State of Louisiana. She will turn 103 next March, another milestone for this pioneering advocate.

For that reason, the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board has decided to spotlight Ms. Berkett in its ongoing professionalism series, in honor of LADB’S 25th anniversary.

Ms. Berkett, as she is affectionately known by colleagues, is most frequently recognized as the first female attorney hired by a New Orleans law firm but that fact was merely a stepping stone along the path of an outstanding career. When asked if she had any advice for young female lawyers, her reply was not what we expected. (Read More)

How it Works: Appeal of ODC’s Dismissal of a Complaint

After investigation of a complaint, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel has the discretion to dismiss the complaint for various reasons, such as lack of merit or lack of evidence. When a complaint is dismissed, ODC will notify the complainant and the respondent lawyer of the dismissal. ODC will also notify the complainant of the right to appeal ODC’s decision to a hearing committee of the Disciplinary Board.

If a complainant chooses to appeal ODC’s decision, a copy of ODC’s entire investigative file will be filed with the Disciplinary Board for assignment to a hearing committee for review. The hearing committee will review ODC’s entire investigative file along with the complainant’s request for review. There is no participation by the complainant or the respondent lawyer during the committee’s review. The hearing committee simply reviews ODC’s file, deliberates, and reaches a decision. (Read More)

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