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Returning to the Practice of Law After Suspension or Disbarment

Attorneys who are disbarred or serve an active period of suspension must follow one of two procedures in order to return to the practice of law.  An active period of suspension is the period of suspension served by an attorney exclusive of any waivers or periods of deferral.  These procedures can be found in Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XIX, Sections 23 and 24.

Recent Decisions

IN RE WILKINSON (Gretna), 2016-OB-1056 (9/6/16):
The Court reinstated the petitioner to the practice of law. In 2013, the Court suspended the petitioner by consent for three years, retroactive to the date of his interim suspension. The suspension was based upon his accepting payment of an improper “referral fee” and his federal criminal conviction of conspiracy to commit misprision of felony. In re Wilkinson, 13-0822 (La. 5/3/13), 115 So.3d 1137.   

IN RE HENDERSON (Alexandria), 2016-OB-1019 (9/6/16):
The Court denied the petitioner’s application for readmission. 


---Consent Discipline---

IN RE BOLTON (Prairieville), 2016-B-1488 (9/23/16):
The Court suspended the respondent for one year and one day, with all but six months deferred, for neglecting a legal matter, failing to communicate with a client, failing to timely refund court costs and return an original will to a client, and failing to remit funds to third-party medical providers.

IN RE MOLE (New Orleans), 2016-B-1498 (9/23/16):
The Court suspended the respondent for one year, with all but six months deferred, for engaging in conduct that was prejudicial to the administration of justice and implying an ability to improperly influence a judge.


---Reciprocal Discipline---

IN RE VEGA (Houston, Texas), 2016-B-0816 (9/6/16):
The Court imposed a reciprocal disbarment based upon an order of the Supreme Court of Texas.

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