Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the registration of trust accounts required annually, even if nothing has changed from prior years?

Yes, under Supreme Court Rule XIX, section 28D and RPC 1.1(c) the annual registration process for lawyers includes trust account registration and must be submitted annually even if no changes have occurred since the prior registration.

2. How has the trust account registration process changed?

In the past, the registration of trust accounts included a feature that required lawyers to obtain a contractual commitment from their bank to report overdraft events involving their trust accounts in order to comply with Supreme Court Rule XIX, section 28D. Beginning January 1, 2012 the Supreme Court made the process easier for lawyers and banks alike. Instead of requiring the lawyer to secure the banker’s signature on the trust account registration form, the Court has allowed banks to sign an agreement to report overdraft events occurring on a lawyer’s client trust account. Banks who have signed that agreement are listed on a ‘participating’ or ‘approved’ list of banks. So long as the lawyer maintains a trust account with a participating or approved bank, they are assured that they are in compliance with the Court’s rule and that any overdraft event will be reported to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel in accordance with the rule.

3. How does the online trust account registration process work?

You will be notified by the LSBA postcard you receive in mid-May to complete your annual trust account disclosure form. Using the link shown on the postcard to the instructions for the online process you should go to the LADB website, When you visit the website, you will find a link to the on line trust account reporting process. You will provide your bar number and date of birth, then create a password for future use. Once you have logged on, you will either be able to see your trust account information on the screen and can either confirm that nothing has changed or update your account registration.

4. Where can I find a list of all participating or approved banks?

You can find the participating or approved list of banks right here on our website. Simply click here and you will be taken to the Official Bank List. If your bank is not a participating or approved bank, you are prohibited from maintaining a trust account with that institution. You must either move your trust account to a participating bank or contact your current bank to have it execute the overdraft disclosure agreement and file same with the LADB.

5. How secure is this online trust account registration process?

The information accessible online in the trust account registration process is encrypted for your safety and security. Additionally, if any changes are made to the trust account information the LADB will send you a confirmation e-mail immediately to make sure that you have authorized the edits, changes or additions made to your registration information.

6. Am I still permitted to register my trust account information using a paper form?

Yes. While the LADB has moved to online registration as a sole means of compliance, lawyers will be permitted at their option to submit a paper registration form and may obtain one by contacting the offices of the LADB at 1-800 -489-8411.

7. If I have any questions, how do I find out more information?

If you experience any difficulties or if you have questions regarding the online trust account registration process, you may contact the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board at 1-800-489-8411 and ask to speak to the Board Administrator.

8. How do I reprint my confirmation page?

Simply login to the site again and you will have the option to reprint your confirmation page.

9. What is law firm reporting?

If you are part of a firm, but are not direcly responible for trust accounts within the firm, this option allows you to specify the responsible member instead of having to input each trust account used by the firm.