Status Key (Legend)
CON-Ineligible due to revoked admission.
DIS-Disbarred from practicing law.
ELIG-Eligible to practice law in Louisiana.
IDC-Ineligible for unpaid disciplinary costs
IDI-Inactive due to disability or hardship.
INA-Inactive member.
INE-Ineligible for unpaid bar dues.
MCL-Ineligible for noncompliance with CLE requirements.
PRET-Permanent Retirement
RES-Resigned from practicing law.
SCI-Ineligible for unpaid disciplinary dues.
SCS-Ineligible for unpaid child support.
SUS-Suspended from practicing law.
TRU-Ineligible for noncompliance with Trust Account Registration requirements.

CON - Ineligible due to revoked admission.

DEC - Deceased

DIS - Disbarred from practicing law.

ELIG - Eligible to practice law in Louisiana.

IDC - Ineligible for unpaid disciplinary costs

IDI - Inactive due to disability or hardship.

INA - Inactive member.

INE - Ineligible for unpaid bar dues.

MCL - Ineligible for noncompliance with CLE requirements.

PRET - Permanent Retirement

RES - Resigned from practicing law.

SCI - Ineligible for unpaid disciplinary dues.

SCS - Ineligible for unpaid child support.

SUS - Suspended from practicing law.

TRU - Ineligible for noncompliance with Trust Account Registration requirements.

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